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AI for Business Growth

The Complete Guide to Transforming Your Business with Generative AI

We will guide you step-by-step to transform how you innovate, operate, and make decisions using AI. You will learn hands-on with tools like GPT and DALL-E 2 and other amazing tools from real-world case studies.

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Investment Readiness Masterclass

Walk you through what it takes to get the funding you need

Looking for funding? This course will guide you through the process of securing the capital you need to start or grow your business. We will cover creating a solid business plan, identifying funding sources, perfecting your pitch, and navigating the legalities.

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Mental Models for Business Growth

Learn how to make intelligent decisions

Learn how to tap into mental models to enhance your decision making skills. In this course, you will discover how the brightest minds leverage mental models - conceptual frameworks that help understand the world and resolve problems - to make robust decisions under uncertainty.

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