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Turning Ideas into Successful Businesses

At Bloop Global, we partner with top talent to invest in, build, and grow successful companies.

We hunt big ideas and help them soar. We relentlessly search for innovations that solve major problems and create vast opportunities. We then rally the team to fuel their journey, raise the funds, and make their vision take flight.

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Business Development, Funding, and Advisory Services

We help you grow your business with the right strategies, funding sources, and partnerships.

Web Development, Product Development, Mobile App & SEO Services

We build stunning websites, products, and apps that boost your online presence and conversions.

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diversity hire
The Turning Point

I still remember my heels clicking on the shiny hardwood floors as I walked into Andersen Consulting for my first day of work.

rocket flying
Debunking the Biggest Myths and Misconceptions About Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is often romanticized in popular media, portrayed as a glamorous endeavour that leads to overnight success and untold riches.

Man scanning for innovation
The Agile Advantage. Why Flexibility is the Future of Startup Success

Agile management is predicated on a set of values and principles that propel a culture of collaboration, adaptability, and relentless focus on delivering value to the customer.

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AI for Business Growth

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Investment Readiness Masterclass

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Mental Models for Business Growth

Learn how to tap into mental models to enhance your decision making skills. In this course, you will...

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