A focus on craftsmanship: We take a breath before we ship and ask “Is this the best we can do? Are we proud of this?”

If the answer is no, we go back to
the drawing board. We don’t ship work we aren’t proud of, even if it means
having an uncomfortable conversation.


We empower people & businesses

One person, and one business at a time

Finding Money

We provide loans, capital and cash ow injection to SMEs, entrepreneurs and business owners who struggle to find capital to start or run their businesses.

If you have a great business, you have the can-do-spirit, we just might be able to help you.
You don’t need a business plan to qualify for funding.

We can find the money you need, and make you eligible to receive them. 

People over profits:

 We’d rather break even than run a company that isn’t
enjoyable to work at. Profits are important — they keep the lights on and give
us long term security — but we will not compromise the quality of our work or
make ourselves miserable in pursuit of financial gain.


We build websites, mobile apps,

One person, and one business at a time

Recruiting and Training

We Nurture and Recruit
People that Change the

We couldn’t find a profes-
sional skills, talent and recruitment agency so we started one.

Executive training in administration, finance, client relationships, project management,social media, web development, graphic design, sales & marketing, execution etc.