Training & People development

We want to empower people like you with
real world skills and expertise to prepare 
you to land your dream job and excel at work, start that business successfully, 
get funding for your business or win negotiations and contracts..

Business development

We can find money for your business, help with writing winning business plans, operations management, management consulting, project management and general business advisory services. 


  • Web development
  • Mobile applications
  • Networking & Maintenance

Web development

Designing beautiful websites for over 5 years! Over the past 5 years, we have designed great websites for businesses in Ghana and Canada. We want you to succeed in your line of business so we work side-by-side with you to explore how your website can add value, generate a sale or better position your business. We listen to your ideas, your concerns and your goals. We create an end product that’s tailored to speak to your audience, one that brings out the viewer’s emotions, one that is exciting.

Your one-stop business support centre

Business planning

Are you starting a business or you need direction and structure in your already existing business? Are you looking for investment/financing for your business? You should talk to us. We can help.

Business Failure Workshop, November. Dec 8, 2018

“Is your company going to die? Or is it going to evolve? ~Zuri Harris (Facilitator at the Event)


We train developers, software engineers, and tech entrepreneurs

Our clients

Talk to us and let us take your business to the next level

Find money, build that great website for your business. You are not alone, we can join you in brainstorming what your next big move should be. Together we can garner profit for your business. 

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